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Display Cube, White - 24in x 24in x 24in (FF) - PEOPLE SAFE

Price Listed is DAILY Rate

These cubes are our most popular item.  Freestanding display cubes, plinths, and pedestals - WHITE

Simple and versatile cubes can be used for any purpose to display models, animals, heavier products, use in photography, window display / dress, visual merchandising.


  • Dimensions: 24" x 24" x 24"
  • 5 Sided (Open on the bottom)
  • Weight: 28lbs
  • Painted with BM Super Hide Latex Flat, White
  • $50 Deposit Required - Refunded upon return & inspection of unit

These ship wrapped, and edges protected, with a fresh coat of paint.  We expect them return in the same condition as received.  Please DO NOT touch up with just any white paint - it will NOT match up.  Only use Benjamin Moore Super Hide Latex Flat, White #282-01 paint. Or ask your rep about our touch up paint-kit.

(FF) Display Fixture Only
These CAN support the weight of people standing or sitting.
Max Product / People Weight: 200lbs


We can also make custom paint & finish according to your requirements.  We require 7 day notice for ALL custom work.  Deposits are required.

Based On Availability
Email Us For Availability or call 1.800.884.0653