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Stanchion Sign Frame Rental

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Our stanchion sign frames are great for offering customers or patrons information or direction in busy or crowded environments. These post advertisement systems, sign frames are designed to coordinate exclusively with our line of stanchion systems. Insert your own message into the sign frames to communicate generic or specific messages. Place a sign reading 'Line Forms Here' or 'Please Enter Here' within the frames at the beginning of a retail line. Other great ideas for signs could be: 'Exit'; 'Purchase Tickets Here'; 'This Section Closed' and more! Virtually any message you need to communicate can be posted within these frames. While stanchion systems are a physical means of keeping crowds organized and separated, signs placed within these sign frames help customers or patrons in a more communicative manner to give direction or label groups.

Our polished chrome sign frames, also known as post top frames, display a 7"w x 11"h vertical message.  You should make your sign slightly larger than this so it can be secured within the sign frames' channel (a border will be covered by the frames). The graphic channel of the frames measures 7/16" thick. We do not supply a backing board or clear lenses for the sign holder frames.  For that reason, we strongly suggest you use thicker graphic materials, totaling no more than 1/8" thick, when printing your advertisements. Affixing sign frames to your stanchions is quick and easy! Simply unscrew the top or your post and screw in the sign frame. The sign frames include the frame, an extender piece, a tulip-top post top, and the barrier attachment ring.

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